Sundrop University 

Museum & Gift Shop

Located at 920 South Franklin St. in Shawano, WI., a unique and fun-filled attraction awaits! Come learn the history of Sun Drop, watch movies on the history of Twig's, watch live production, and most importantly, sample our sodas!

Tues-F.........….10am -5pm 

Saturday..... 10am - 3pm 

Our Museum is Conveniently Set Up for a Self Guided Walk-about! 

Bring Your Friends and Family and Enjoy Everything We Have to Offer! 


Most Customers Spend About an Hour with Us- So Plan for Fun!

Gift Shop

Due to Territory Regulations, Twig's Beverage is Unable to Sell  any Sundrop Trademarked Merchandise Outside of Our Gift Shop. Unfortantely, This Also Prevents Us  Selling from an Online Store. 

Sundrop and Twig's Beverage Soda Product May Be Purchased in Select Areas within Wisconsin.  

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Sit Back,  Relax, and Reminisce  in Our Vintage Theather! Watch Our 10 Minute Film on Our Business. Featuring Video Footage of Behind the Scenes, Company Testimonials, and Lots of Fun! 

Non- Returnable Bottling Line

Twig's Beverage has been in production since 1951 when the creator, Floyd Hartwig, used his savings to purchase a factory, machinery, and returnable bottles. With a humble beginning,Twig's would bottle its 4 signature flavors, Rootbeer, Black Cherry, Cream, and Grape.They would later be asked by the creator of Sundrop to bottle it for the company in 1954. After that, Twig's Beverage became a popular hit for glass bottled Sundrop as well as their other flavors, all of which are made with real sugar the old fashioned way. 

Non-Returnable Flavors Include: Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Cream, Forget Me Not Grape, Lime,  Orange,  Rhu-Berry, Rootbeer, Farmer's Brew Butterscotch Rootbeer,and Sour. 

Have a soda idea of your own? Or need a bottler to help produce your product? We offer co-packing services as well!

Tasting Bar

Belly Up to the Bar and Sample Our Finest Craft Soda. Flavors Include: Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Cream, Forget Me Not Grape, Lime, Orange,  Rhu-Berry, Rootbeer, Farmer's Brew Butterscotch Rootbeer, Sour

and More.

Diet Flavors Now Available! 

DT Black Cherry, DT Grape, DT Rootbeer, DT Sour! 

Fresh Popcorn




Treat Yourself to a Slushie! Try Our Monthly Flavor to Shock Your Taste Buds!


Gift Shop and Museum

920 South Franklin St

Shawano, WI 54166

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Monday- Friday
Gift Shop: 8am - 5pm
See the Museum: Tues- Friday 10- 5pm
Gift Shop: 10am - 3pm
See the Museum:  10- 3pm
Good Friday : CLOSED @ 12p