Listed Below are Locations in Lincoln County that Sell Our Soda

Nelson’s County Market

              662 N 4th S Tomahawk

Dave’s County Market

              300 E 1st St. Merrill

Lee’s Piggly Wiggly #214

               3404 E Main St. Merrill

Sawmill Brewing Co

              1110 E 10th St. Merrill

Great Lakes Foods of Tomahawk

              990 N 4th St. Tomahawk

Riiser Crossroads Mob #28

             1727 E Somo Ave Tomahawk

Viegut’s Do-It Express

             HWY 5 N Tomahawk

Remington Oil

             4 W Wisconsin Ave Tomahawk

Wagner Shell

             604 S Center Ave Merrill

The Beacon

            N1297 Fairview Rd. Merrill

Listed Below are Locations in Marinette County that Sell Our Soda

G3 Up Nort

            N4111 CTY S Pound


            W11124 HWY 64 Pound


Gift Shop and Museum

920 South Franklin St

Shawano, WI 54166

Contact Us: 


Phone: (715) 526-5031


Email:  twigsbeveragegiftshop

Monday- Friday
 Gift Shop: 8am - 5pm
See the Museum: Tues- Friday 10- 5pm
Gift Shop: 10am - 3pm
See the Museum:  10- 3pm
Closed Sept 7, 2020 - Labor Day