Custom Labeled Water and Soft Drinks


Own a business, planning and event, or sell soda at your your specialized event/ business? Adding a custom-labeled beverage to your business or social gathering can help in making a better and more memorable impact on your patrons and guests.

Custom Labeled Water


These memorable bottles are perfect for marathons, sporting events, company meetings, business promotions, and basically any event where you're trying to promote an idea or organization.


We will put your label on a 20 oz. plastic bottle that will be filled with the award-winning Shawano Water. 


Package Size -  20 oz., plastic, twist off

Package Layout- Loose in 24 pack

Finish - Twist cap 28 mm

Box - Sealed top and bottom

Order Minimum - 10 cases



Custom Soda (Turnkey)

Personalize your event or party with custom labeled soda. A custom label can be applied to some  of our flavors. 


Flavors Include: Blue Raspberry, Rhu-Berry, Lime, Root Beer, Cream,  Butterscotch Rootbeer,  "Forget Me Not Grape," Sour, Orange, Punch, and Black Cherry.  DIET: Black cherry, Grape, Rootbeer, and Sour.


Package Size -  12 oz., Nonreturnable glass (Twist Off)

Package Layout- Loose in 12 pack

Finish - Crimp crown (Twist)

Box - Sealed top and bottom

Order Minimum - 40 cases


Please Contact Us For More Information: 715-526-5031


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