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Since 1951...

Built on strong family roots and community connections, we pride ourselves on bringing you our finest craft sodas. Bottled in real glass since we opened in 1951, we are committed to keeping old-fashioned traditions alive by making products with real sugar and real flavoring. Currently owned by the second generation of our family, we will continue to dedicate our small-business to provide the best products and new experiences each year. 

Twig's Beverage is a dream come true for Floyd Hartwig. He had heard of the booming bottling business in the Korean War and sent his paychecks home to invest in bottling equipment. Once back home, friends of Floyd , or "Twig" as they called him, began to make a bottling plant. Built on the same plot of land where it still stands today, Floyd would see his dream become a reality. 

Starting out slow, Twig's Beverage would sell a case of soda and buy his wife and family a loaf of bread. With limited means, Floyd would have to resort to funky fixes when the machines didn't work, including mixing batches with an axe handle! These Flavors and brands Floyd offered included, Bullseye Rootbeer and Goody Orange, and became our inspiration for our own iconic flavors of Rootbeer, Grape, Orange, and Black Cherry! 

As time went on, Twig's Beverage became a staple of Shawano. Selling our flavors to generations of customers, especially during the holidays! Our growing popularity sparked interest for the first citrus soda of the 1950s - Sundrop. The creator Charles Lazier, needed a place to produce and distribute his new "Golden Cola." Floyd agreed to Charles' request and became one bottler amongst several in Wisconsin that made this delicious soft drink. 



"Twig" lives on

As Floyd got older, his business got busier because his fellow bottlers were forced to close due to hardships of supply and demand. This influx pushed Twig's Beverage to test the limits of what a small- business could do. When Floyd's health declined in 1986, he didn't want his ever-growing "empire" to slip into the hands of the unknown, so his son and current owner, Dan Hartwig, took over his father's legacy. 

Continuing on the right track, Dan expanded the companies' products, distribution locations, and capabilities. This listing includes but not limited to: non-returnable glass sodas, Shawano Water Bottling Plant, Co Packing Different Companies Products, and making all of this and more available to cover Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Dan now works along side his wife, Diane, and their three sons, Lucas, Jacob, and Ben.

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