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Although we're stoked you want to serve our slushies at your awesome extravaganza, please keep in mind these rent out FAST! Better Hurry!


Rent for a weekend - $75 


8 pack Sun Drop 2 liters - $14

8 pack Sunkist Orange 2 liters - $14

8 pack Cherry Sun Drop 2 liters - $15

Best usage ratio: 1 case/hr of machine run time (soda best kept cold)

Each case of 2-liter (8 bottles) makes 60 9-oz. cups.  Required case purchase is 1 case/  machine  If additional cases are purchased, unopened bottles may be returned for credit.


Cups and straws available at request.



Are you looking for self-serve soda? Do you want your guests to be able to pick their own samples of soda? These dispensers are perfect for all kinds of events. You simply need to plug it in to an outlet and connect the canisters and CO2 tank. 


Weekend Rent - No Charge for Machine or C02


Tanks -

$20 Sundrop and Diet Sundrop 

 $25 Twig's Rootbeer, Orange,   and Sour



It's the same concept as the electric dispenser, except you don't need electricity! Just pour ice in the cooler to keep the soda cold, connect the CO2 and soda kegs, and you're ready to entertain your guests!


Weekend Rent - No Charge

Soda Canister -

$20 Sundrop and Diet Sundrop 

 $25 Rootbeer, Orange,  Lemon Lime and Sour

$40  Pepsi and Diet Pepsi


Trailer Inspection_1


Cooling trailer only, no taps

$150 rental with no purchase of soda

$100 rental with a >$50 purchase of soda

Travel not advised

Soda only-NO FOOD